About Us


Omnipulse's creative team is led by Eric Ewing, director of The Last Flight of the Champion and company founder. An animator, editor, cameraman and writer in his own right, Eric's diverse skill set allows him to guide the productions of Omnipulse Entertainment from concept to completion in an efficient manner while maintaining the highest levels of quality that today's audiences expect and require. Prior to founding Omnipulse, Eric worked in production and post production on several television shows including Houston Heartbeat, The Cosmic Chef, Sounds Like Texas, and H2Oh!. He has additionally worked on writing and directing other projects such as A Dashing Bold Adventure and various music videos and political ad campaigns.

Supporting Eric is a talented team who have all worked on a variety of projects prior to coming on board with Omnipulse Entertainment. By focusing on specific talents required for a solid production base, Omnipulse has gathered a team capable of handling all aspects of the creative process from writing to final production and all aspects in between. Through agressive growth and our own unique production process, Omnipulse has the capacity to develop two to three productions simultaneously. Some of the productions in which our team has been involved prior to coming on board with Omnipulse include: Cool Rules (television), Absalom Rebel Child (feature),and Story of Judith (feature).


Company founder and president Felipe G Porres has long been interested and enthusiastic about animated movies and is executive producer for The Last Flight of the Champion, as well as the contributing music score composer. Classically trained in music, but very active in popular styles as well, Felipe brings his considerable composing skills to bear on most of the projects at Omnipulse Entertainment, contributing to writing of tis projects and performing sound editing. As president, Felipe oversees financial operations and developing the plans to lead the company into the future. The general counsel and vice president of operations, Thomas Ewing, has been instrumental in producing The Last Flight of the Champion as well as overseeing general business operations.