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A nanotechnology scientist has invented a way to shrink full size robots down to nanoscopic levels in order to wipe out disease.  His daughter, while playing in his lab, has discovered Nanopolis, a tiny city populated by nanoscale creatures who live in peace with one another. She accidentally unleashes her father's nanobots on the inhabitants of Nanopolis.  In an effort to undo her mistake she shrinks herself down to warn the Nanopals of the danger.  A team of tiny nanoscopic superheroes heed her warning and with her help fight back against the nanobots to defend their town.  Action adventure.  22 min episodic.


Animated 22 minute children's television series. Action adventure.  Currently in production.

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Demographic and focus group testing indicated that a boy
character would do better as the scientist's child.

Below is a sample animation Clip for NanoPals